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Education for Democracy
Evolution vs. "Intell.Design"
"Creationism" in school?
Chess in school
History backwards
Fear of algebra?
Metric system
Two sides / debate
The Real Population Problem
Nationhood and multiculturalism
Asteroids, meteors, and us
World peace/regional security
A New Year's wish list
Israel and Palestine
A Journey to Earth
Global warming - Western guilt?
Cities in the sea
State of the World
On Population
US missile shield for Europe?
China's cheap labor
Congress abandons Iraq
The toy Kings of Europe
The disease of militarism
EU – the new imperialism
Foreign embassies
Language & Media
Mindless campaign, mindless media
The Press' role in elections
British-American names
One-track sympathy
Macho meteorology
Media, Iraq & Perspective
Gender / language
Islamist terror & Islamic culture
The Sins of The Fathers
Arguing about God
The danger of belief
The Second Coming
Are 3 gods better than 1?
The Dawkins Delusion
The Pope: Christ's Viceroy?
Eve of Eden
Reconciling Science+Religion
Letter to a "creationist"
On going to Heaven
A change of Pope
Good Friday
Conversation with "Pat"
Improved religion
Science & Environment
Silent Spring arriving?
The people's war on climate change
Nebulous world of cosmology
Asteroids, meteors, and us
Civilization built on hot air
Global warming - Western guilt?
Cities in the sea
On Population
The Immediate Energy Solution
Reconciling Science+Religion
The spark of life
Evolution/Creation conundrum
What's a matter?
E = mc².  Or is it E = m?
NASCAR, Get the lead out!
Mars Madness
Global warming
Extra-terrestrial life?
SETI – ET intelligence?
Disease & death
Society & Relations
What about marijuana?
Horror of football and CTE
What of the Georgia Guidestones?
Bye-bye Privacy
Emancipation Proclamation 150 yrs
NC votes down same-sex marriage
The irrational stock exchange
The danger of belief
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
On Population
A New Economics
A public stock exchange
Eve of Eden
Memorial Day
The calendar & good sense
On hatred of rabbits...
Transport in the energy crisis
Assuring corporate pensions
The cruelty of boxing
Free public transit
House manual
Marriage, same-sex &c.
U.S. Politics & Gov't
Elections, parties, and privacy
Charlottesville and statuemania
The Trumpian tweets
We need a third party
Who gave us Trump?
Trump and the Congress
The American Revolt of 2016
Cancel the presidential election
The Possibility of Gary Johnson
The Fall of Trump
Hillary Clinton, war lover
Mindless campaign, mindless media
The Presidential candidates
The role of the press in elections
Flap over voter ID
Jim Webb for President
Democrat Presidential Candidates?
Unconstitutional Amendments
NSA, Snowden, and national security
Another Washington disaster
A new U.S. power center: The states
Emancipation Proclamation 150 yrs
Presidential debates again
The "Roberts Trick"
Updating the U.S. Constitution
Reforming a moribund Congress
Occupy Wall Street protest
U.S. Politics & Gov't, cont.
The irrational stock exchange
Obama's asteroid boondoggle
Presidential MQs
U.S. election corruption
The Health Care debacle
Stupid is as stupid does
A public stock exchange
Hillary's Revenge
Charisma and Democracy
Mike Bloomberg on parties
A fable of fools
Congress & representation
Our Presidential candidates
On doing stupid things
The American President
Time for Impeachment?
An Ordinary Election
Liberal & Conservative
Real campaign issues
Supreme Court & Constitution
"Roe v. Wade"
Reps/Dems, coup d'état
Lotto: a new "poor tax"
Inauguration day
Electoral College
Election 2004
US Elections – grin and win
Taxes and deception

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