Odd Tales

Now here are a few tales that are worth every penny of what I'm charging you to read them.  They were written on odd occasions over the past 20 years for my own amusement or catharsis, without much thought of making them public.  (Present readers may agree with that decision.)  What kind of tales are they?  Well, surprising tales, perhaps.  But definitely not the ordinary magazine fare; which, of course, is true of most unpublished work:  it may be unpublished because it's unpublishable.  Whether that's the case here we shan't know for a while, but in the meantime I hope you may enjoy some of them.  Just think, some day you may say, "I read him back in the aughts, before he became ..."
The stories are copyrighted, © H.Paul Lillebo.

Magda's Shawl
Supreme Court
The Beard
The Plan

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