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Title Published date
What about marijuana? July 2018
The horror of football and CTE September 2017
What of the Georgia Guidestones? February 2015
Bye-bye Privacy July 2013
Sesquicentennial of the Emancipation Proclamation October 2012
NC votes down same-sex marriage May 2012
The irrational evil of the stock exchange August 2011
The Danger of Belief July 2011
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" December 2010
On Population October 2009
A New Economics December 2008
Needed: A Public Stock Exchange September 2008
Eve of Eden July 2007
Title Published date
Memorial Day: An additionMay 2007
The Calendar, good sense, and diplomacyDecember 2006
On hatred of rabbitsJuly 2006
Transportation in the energy crisisJuly 2006
Assuring corporate pensionsNovember 2005
NASCAR, get the lead out!May 2005
The cruelty of boxingApril 2005
Global warmingMarch 2005
Free public transitFebruary 2005
Lotto: a tax on the poor and the ignorantFebruary 2005
House manual – a real needSeptember 2004
Marriage and other unionsMay 2004

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